Core to the HypnoBirthing® philosophy is the belief that normal birthing does not have to involve pain.  

It is fear of pain that causes the body to tense, impeding comfortable delivery and manifesting anticipated pain.


of HypnoBirthing


  • Education in order to reconnect with the reality that the female body is designed to give birth and that birth is a natural process and not a medical event

  • Education to dispel negative birthing myths

  • Affirmations to enhance confidence in the birthing body 

  • Hypnosis to release fears around birth and to create deep relaxation

  • Techniques for pre-natal bonding with baby

  • Visualisation to create a better birthing experience

  • Techniques to condition mind and body for relaxation

  • Breathing techniques, to assist effectiveness of uterine surges

  • Breathing techniques to assist the baby as he traverses the birth canal.out into your arms


of HypnoBirthing


  • Fully informed regarding birthing, enabling confident discourse with health care professionals

  • Pre-natal bonding with baby

  • Deepening bond between mum and birthing partner

  • Calmer, more relaxed, pregnancy

  • More comfortable birthing experience

  • Considerably shorter labour, birthing and hospital stay

  • Reduced need for medication or medical intervention

  • Significantly reduced surgical intervention rate

  • Feel energised and in good form following calm and gentle birth

  • Virtual absence of post-partum depression (normal rates 8-19%)

  • Calm, content baby, who feeds better, sleeps better and thrives

The Mongan Method


HypnoBirthing was founded by Marie Mongan in 1987 in response to dissatisfaction with how the births of her 4 children were handled.  Mickey, as she is known as, worked for years as a teacher and then trained in hypnotherapy and in counselling.  She devised the HypnoBirthing programme because she wanted to help women achieve natural births. Her method is now used throughout the world.  


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