The best time to attend the HypnoBirthing course is at around 30 weeks.


If you are closer to term though, you will still benefit from the programme. Please contact me to make arrangements.


If you are beyond your first trimester but not yet at 30 weeks, and are interested, contact me and I can provide you with information, the HypnoBirthing book and relaxation CD/MP3 so you can get started. 




Childbirth classes for gentle birthing


group classes are held on Saturday mornings

at Maitri Studio, The Mount, Belfast BT5 4NA

it is essential that both mother and birthing partner

attend all classes


cost of group course is £230 per couple

cost of one-to-one course is £400 per couple






  • In HypnoBirthing expectant couples learn just why pain is not necessarily inherent in normal birth.  From a physiological point of view, relaxation in labour both eases and speeds the process.


  • Through the use of hypnosis couples learn relaxation, learn to release fears surrounding birth, and to replace these fears with joy and confidence about this beautiful expression of life for which they are preparing.    


  • Breathing techniques and special massage techniques to aid relaxation are taught.


  • Couples learn breathing techniques, positions and movements which assist the baby as he begins his outward journey and traverses the birth canal. 


  • The birthing partner, as well as the mother, learns these techniques, as his/her role is essential to the HypnoBirthing philosophy.  The birthing partner may be baby's dad, mum's mother, partner, sister or friend, whomever she chooses.  Through their attendance at all HypnoBirthing classes he/she will realise the importance of his/her support and advocacy both ante-natally and during the birthing process.


















  • The HypnoBirthing approach favours natural birthing.  Couples are taught how to cope with pressure they may experience from Health Care Professionals should they go 'overdue', or should labour slow down.  By being informed and clear about the birth they want, the expectant couple can follow, and trust their instincts, rather than handing the birthing experience over to medical staff. 


  • Typically 2-4 other couples will take the course alongside you. This allows for the development of friendships and can strengthen commitment to the programme.


  • Some couples however prefer one-to-one with the HypnoBirthing Practitioner as they feel benefit from greater privacy and more focused attention.  This option is also available.


  • Each couple is provided with the HypnoBirthing Book, a relaxation CD/MP3 and relaxation scripts.





"The knowledge that she is supported by a caring and loving companion is one of the most important factors in maintaining the emotional well-being of the pregnant and the baby she is carrying"


"By learning techniques to support the mother during pregnancy, and participating in the necessary practice at home, you give  assurance to your baby that he or she is already an important part of your lives"


- Marie Mongan's message to dads or birth companions