About me

Josephine Conlon

Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner

BSc Hons (Physiotherapy)

Energy Therapist

I trained as a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner because the HypnoBirthing philosophy greatly benefited my pregnancies and my birthing experiences and has had a positive effect on my children.  
I want to share these powerful HypnoBirthing skills with other expectant couples.

My Personal Experience of HypnoBirthing®

Because of HypnoBirthing, I looked forward to labour.  I was excited to see how it would begin and how it would all unfold.  I trusted that my body would know what to do.


When I went into labour with my daughter my partner was a great support, reminding me of the breathing techniques which we had practiced.  He also physically supported me as I stood and moved through each surge.  


At midnight we were sent away from the hospital because the midwife did not believe I was in labour.  Often HypnoBirthing mothers appear so calm and relaxed in labour, that Health Care Professionals assume they must not be labouring.


Back home I got into bed where I slept between surges!  

At around 5am surges were increasing in intensity so I got into the bath.  Because I had learned through HypnoBirthing that, for the safety and comfort of the baby, I should avoid pushing, I resisted the urge to push.  I continued to move my pelvis as much as the confines of the bath would allow.  Then I was sure I could feel the head descend.  This sensation was caused by the amniotic sac coming out, something we'd never heard of.  I'll admit I did panic a bit because I thought the baby was sure to follow shortly and we were not prepared for a home birth!


Thanks to the relaxation techniques that we had learned and practiced, my partner calmly rang the hospital and he was advised to call for an ambulance.  


When we arrived at the hospital at 7am, I was assessed and sent straight to the delivery suite.  Our daughter was born within 15 minutes.  I had a minor tear which required stitches, but healed within days.  She had no bruising and her head was perfectly shaped.  I don't remember her crying at all that day.  She is a very content child who has never had any problem with feeding or sleeping.


My active labour lasted around 9 hours, which is considered short for a first time mum. That I was able to sleep through much of it is evidence that the experience was not unbearable.  I had no medication and other than a couple of stitches, required no intervention.  


I believe that my birthing experience was a positive one and that, in part, my daughter is so happy and healthy, because of all that we learnt through HypnoBirthing.

Despite birth plans and wishes, no-one ever knows how their birthing is going to turn out.  HypnoBirthing equips couples with the skills to cope regardless of how things go and when nature takes a course that differs from what  had been envisaged.  I learnt this in a very embodied way when my son was born.  I had planned a completely natural, drug free home birth.  He had very different plans! 




Being a physiotherapist, and with a regular personal yoga practice, I have a good understanding of the body and of movement.  Communication and teaching are also skills fundamental to physiotherapy.  


Working also as an energy therapist I see regularly that the health of the physical body is directly related to the state of the mind. 


HypnoBirthing hinges on the law of the mind which states that for every thought there is a corresponding physical reaction.  All three of these disciplines, physiotherapy, energy therapy, and HypnoBirthing succeed because they know that 'where the mind goes, the body follows'.  


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